5 Unconventional Ways to Measure the Effectiveness of your Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising can be expensive, and without knowing how they are translating into opportunity for your business, how do you know you’re spending your budget effectively? Many shops and restaurants use tools like Google Analytics to measure the performance of their digital ads and website presence. But what about the activity that happens off of the internet? Here are a few unconventional ways a local business can measure the offline effectiveness of their advertising and marketing.

Measure the number of visitors to your property

So you’ve been focusing your efforts on television ads; how do you measure their effectiveness? Sure, you may know the amount of sales from your ads. But what about foot traffic on your property?   The ads could have indeed generated several first time visitors, but perhaps something else prevented sales conversions. Using spatial analytics can help you better understand how your paid advertising can generate actual visitors, not just sales.

Understand how your window display ads are performing

How’s that 50% off display advertisement in your shop window doing? Is the messaging attracting the people passing by your store? If you’re using analytics to measure how many of these people are stopping by (versus passing by) you’ll have a better understanding of the effectiveness of your display ads in generating the traffic needed for increasing sales.

Find out if your email marketing is generating loyal customers

You’ve been sending email marketing blasts to all of your contacts. But how do you know if they’re generating business from your loyal customers? A tool that can show you visitor loyalty inside of your store can help you understand how your email marketing is helping to foster strong, long-term relationships with your customers.

Visualize the number of new customers

It’s great to have repeat business but what about new customers? Perhaps you’ve been running referral campaigns to generate word-of-mouth business from your loyal customers. Can you easily visualize if these campaigns are working out for you? Using a tool that can show you, at a glance, the number of first timers to your shop will give you an understanding of whether or not these referrals are delivering the traffic needed to make your campaigns worthwhile.

Measure how long people are sticking around

You went through all this trouble advertising your next event. Do you have a way of measuring how long people are sticking around when the big day finally arrives? Knowing how long your visitors are staying can give you insight into whether or not your ads – and the buzz generated from them – were able to meet the expectations of your visitors, and potentially drive sales during their stay.


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