Powerful, Accurate and Secure

Powerful results are backed by accurate data. GeoMetri Enterprise is the most configurable, flexible and reliable product on the market. Make your business decisions with confidence.


Measure Market Effectiveness

Use Indoor Analytics to gauge customer loyalty visits, in-store dwell times, new customer exposure, sales correlations, and overall customer satisfaction.

Understand & Organize Floor Plan

Use GeoMetri to define space utilization, traffic patterns, and barriers of entry.

Maximize Real Estate Decisions

Our data will provide you with foot traffic analysis, co-tenant traffic analysis, site-to-site comparisons, rent PSF optimization, common area optimization, and can ultimately lead to the most maximized lease and ad revenue.

Optimize Merchandising Strategy

Understand and optimize the impact when placing certain products, merchandising tables, or end caps in certain physical areas.


Use actual floor plans of your space to visualize customer behavior in near real-time. Make key marketing and product decisions based on visitor patterns, dwell time and space utilization.