GISi Indoors @ the 2013 ESRI UC

GISi Indoors had it’s official coming out party at this year’s ESRI International User Conference in sunny San Diego CA (at least we think it was sunny – we literally spent all our time indoors). It was a great show with electric buzz from new and old friends alike. If you missed the media and coverage, Michael seemed to be everywhere. Here’s a breakdown of some of the stuff you missed:


Pre-Conference Leg Work


Michael and Danny from GISi Indoors joined forces with ESRI’s Wolfgang Hall and Infsoft’s Tobias Donaubauer to wifi fingerprint over 1M square feet of the San Diego convention center and surrounding hotels.


Who is GISi Indoors

Michael Healander discusses GISi Indoors and related technologies with ESRI in this audio podcast.


Analytics Dashboard


Directions Magazine captured a demonstration of the Operations Dashboard application demoed at our booth on the showroom floor. The application utilizes wifi access points to anonymously capture connected devices for purposes of understanding trends and patterns. Great use-cases become immediately apparent for retail, entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing, and more!

Technical Workshops


Michael co-presented with ESRI’s Wolfgang Hall (Global Industry Manager, Logistics and Supply Chain) at the Indoor Tracking, Location, Routing technical workshop, discussing the technologies and advancements GIS is bringing to indoor facility tracking and logistics.

Lightning Talks



Michael discusses the tools and processes used to create an indoor positioning application for the 2013 ESRI International User Conference. Alot of cool stuff to squeeze into just five minutes!

Because we’re tech-heads, Danny also presented on incorporating the leap motion controller into the mapping experience. A little off-topic, but we love technology!

Other Media Coverage


Michael was interviewed by GISCafe, discussing both the conference navigation app as well as the new GISi Indoors business unit. See the video here.


Keep the Conversation Going!

Events like this are a great way to meet new people, share ideas, and start focused conversations. GISi Indoors is here to help you get the most out of your indoor space and we want to keep the conversation going. Whether you were there or not, contact us to discuss your ideas around indoors.